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Mai Little Alien (マイ リトル エイリアン)Since 2006

Mai Little Alien と言う屋号で創作活動をしています。主な作品に、日本産のデニムを使った本格派ドールデニムやジュエリーなど。







  • Bachelor of Fine Art- Jewellery and Metals, Alberta College of Art and Design

  • FCGmA - Fellow of Canadian Gemmological Association




Mai has been making "ji-pan" (Japanese old slang for pair of blue jeans) since 2009. She realized her dolls were in desperate need of a nice looking pair of jean to wear.  Since then she has made various types of ji-pan for many dolls, including Super Dollfie, Dollfie Dream, VisuaDoll etc.

There are millions of various fabrics available, but she liked denim very much and has been focusing on using that material.

She specifically works with Japan-made material from Kojima-city in Okayama, Japan.  Kojima is the pioneer of blue jeans culture in Japan, and they are known for making the very first "Made in Japan" blue jeans in the 1960s.

Her work can be purchased at various doll events in Japan, and occasionally on her webshop.  When products become available, they are announced on her blog and newsletter (currently only written in Japanese).

Thank you for reading :)

*note: Mai Little Alien is a personal website and it has no relation to commercial doll retailers.