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Weathered Beer Celebration - English


(*This event has ended)

I will participate in Weathered Beer Celebration (Vancouver, BC)

Event website: Weathered Beer Celebration (Instagram)(Twitter

Venue:Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street Vancouver, BC, Canada

Date & Time:January 12, 2019 (Saturday) Session 1: 1pm−5pm(SOLD OUT). Session2: 7pm-11pm

Tickets: must be pre-purchased prior to the event, $100+tax/person(Purchase Ticket)no tickets are sold on sites.

Beer List:

I will participate in Weathered Beer Celebration as one of the featured artist. Weathered is a beer event and art show celebrating extreme beer styles. The styles of beer include imperial stout, barleywine, hazy IPA and Gueuze. Basically, it is a beer event run by beer otaku prepared for super connoisseur beer audiences!

When I received the initial request, I thought about what I could make as a jeans artist, and I decided to suggest a new accessory unique to beer…🍻

Bomber Jeans: Jeans for 22oz beer bottles


Bomber Jeans are made with Japanese denim, which is made by Showa, who is my favourite denim manufacture from Kojima-city in Japan. The jeans is finished with one-wash, and it has nickel studs. All pockets are functional, you can fit or hide small items. Inside liners are dungaree, also made by the same manufacture, it has lovely patterns :-)


There are 10 jeans available to purchase at the event, at a event special price, yay!

↓I borrowed these nice looking bottles for a photoshoot. Apparently they are extremely rare beers…! oops. And they will be available for tasting at the event!


If you are in the neighbourhood, come check it out! …If you consider yourself as a beer connoisseur this is THE event you can’t miss! (because everyone will be talking about it!!)

I will be helping the session 2, so if you spot me, come say hi :-) I’m generally nice (if I’m not hungry)


See you at the event :-)